Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Paper Snowflakes: Martha Did it First but Maggie and I Did it Better

What's a Mom to do when her boys think they are to old for paper snowflake making? Call another crafty girl for snowflake fun! Maggie, a Rolfer & massage therapist friend, agreed.It had been a while since I'd made these festive beauties so I had to Google the directions. I looked all over but I have to admit, Martha Stewart had the best step by step guide. We followed her folding steps and went to work.I made tomato soup with grilled cheese, complimented by a fabulous grapefruit Maggie had brought to contribute. She sliced it in half, topped each with a dallop of honey, and broiled for a few minutes. Yum!We folded, snipped, and clipped for over an hour. Yielding a pile of perfect paper snowflakes, each one unique. Maggie's came out particularly beautiful. Here's a tiny portrait of my favorite: