Friday, January 19, 2007

Little Birds and Chinese Fortune Plaque

Little birds and Chinese fortune cookie slips* go quite well together, don't you think? I found a few of these dandy little wood plaques at the hobby shop and knew they had wonderful things in store for them. Liam and I made an XTC altar-like plaque for our Jeremy and I just couldn't stop making more. They can be quick and easy or decadent and elaborate. What would you do with a little wood plaque? Here is one way to get started. Send pictures of your lovely (and not so lovely) creations my way when you're done craftin'.
Gather Your Supplies:
  1. tiny, sharp scissors
  2. pencil
  3. Xacto knife
  4. ruler
  5. cutting mat
  6. paint brush
  7. acrylic craft paint
  8. Yes! paste or Elmers glue stick
  9. wood plaque
  10. papers: printed and plain
  11. fortune cookie slip

1. Sand plaque smooth or just try to pick a smooth one at the hobby shop. Paint entire plaque, front and back.

2. On backside of paper, trace the raised front of plaque. See how my pencil is angled in? This helps create a more accurate pattern. Cut out, staying just inside of your drawn line.

3. Lay out all of your pieces and see what you think. Now is the time to add a painted gold border or glue on that sweet plastic squirrel you've been saving. I decided to go sweet and simple, cutting a red cardstock background for my little fortune.

4. Glue. Wait- not yet. Your paper background may be a little too big. Lay it in place without glue first, just to check. Press the paper edges over the lip to creat a tiny crease. Now snip along the crease to remove excess and it should be a perfect fit! Now glue, remembering to begin pressing in the middle, fanning out to the edges to avoid ripples.
5. Attach a small picture hanger to the back, the triangle or toothy type. Whichever is floating around your kitchen drawer. I prefer to glue with E600, rather than messing with the tiny nails that come with the hanger.
6. Gather the neighbors, hold it high and shout, "TA-DAAA!".

A little birdie told me, "You will sleep well at night.". This plaque will be mailed out to a swap partner as yet unnamed through Swap-Bot. I hope it is loved. Write with questions, suggestions, and favorite recipes to missamyo [at]

PS: While there are centuries old traditions of hiding fortunes in sweet cakes all over the world, the fortune cookie as we know it is an American invention.