Saturday, January 6, 2007

How To Organize Your Stuff in a Handy Dandy Way

The linen & toiletry storage side of the hall closet has been competing too aggressively lately with the craft side. I decided something needed to be done: all non-craft storage was non-essentail and therefore must go. Then I remembered my canvas shoe organizer I've had for about 3 years. My usual style would be to sew on or hand embroider to give it some oomph. But this project is all about makin' do the easy way. So, out comes the felt, kitschy pom pom trim, glue gun and my lovely Sharpie.
Ready? Go.
Gather your Supplies:
1. Shoe organizer in canvas or clear plastic *these are great as you can instantly see what's in them but add to the 'eye clutter'*
2. Gather chosen trim and decor of Rik-rack, ribbon, band patches, fabric bits cut into pirate flags, 99 red balloons, letter or fruit shapes, felt shapes, strips of fabric scraps- use what you have.
3. Glue gun or sewing machine
4. Sharpie for drawing or labeling pockets
1. Hold trim up to edge you want it placed on. Eyeball it and cut to length needed.
2. Glue in place, going just a couple of inches at a time and picking off obnoxious glue threads as you go. Or sew.
3. Cut out shapes from felt (I made my strawberries from felt with Sharpie drawn seeds) and glue on.
4. Tuck in items that need a home.

30 minutes tops, and you are far more organized than you were before!
Other Ideas:
This was made for storage and hangs well hidden in the closet. You could make it cuter and hang on the back of you bathroom or bedroom door and fill with daily use items.
Craft supplies would be very happy in a handy dandy hanging organizer!
Use strips of leftover fabric in place of trim, or sew them along the edges. You can make your own classy organizer using this pattern.
Disclaimer: Though I came up with this on my own in my world, I wasn't the first to think of this ever- see more ideas here.