Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Be Nice While Hardly Even Trying

Here are ten little ideas to spark your imagination. Click freely on all blue words to see where they may lead you...
1. Pick up an extra bag of doggie chow or kittie kibbles the next time your at the grocery store and drop it off at your local Humane Society or shelter.
2. Put change in a low or out of time parking meter *apparently, they give tickets in my town for doing just this so act at your own risk*
3. Pay for the drive-thru order behind you. You say its a mini-van full of Cub Scouts? Put $5 towards it- they can add ice cream cones.
4. Grossly over tip your waitress(ter) the next time you get good service. Trust me, they deserve it.
5. Leave a tiny present in your mailbox for your letter carrier: Chapstick, pocket size sunblock, or just a simple note that says ‘Thanks’.
6. Donate your old cell phone to someone who would greatly benefit. Call to Protect program provides matching air time to domestic violence agencies. Cell Phones for Soldiers provides phones for soldiers to be able to call home when they have the chance. Your local phone store and police department probably have a donation box already.
7. Drop a five-er in the tip jar at your regular coffee shop.
8. Introduce yourself to that new co-worker, quiet neighbor, mail carrier, office UPS guy you always see but haven’t met yet.
9. Send a hand written note or postcard to some-one, just because.
10. When asked to be a guest or join an event, in place of 'Can I bring anything?' Try, 'What can I bring?'. A friend stated it just that way to me years ago and I have never forgotten the difference it made. And, yes, I did borrow extra folding chairs from them for the event without batting an eye!
Send me your niceness in tip or photo form: missamyo (at)