Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two Decades: Photography by Liam

A few pictures by my youngest son, Liam (AKA William), age 10. Photography and words by Liam.

I took a picture through the lens of my old Instamatic camera with our new digital camera.

I tried to make this gnome look like a 50's gardening ad.

This is the camera I took a picture through the lens posted at the top. It is an Instamatic X-45 vintage camera. I also have in my vintage camera collection a collapsible Poloroid SX-45 Land Camera and a 60's Bentley Super 8 movie camera.

I simply pressed the lens button to see what I could get of the sprinkles. And what it turned out to be, in my opinion, was a crowd of people at a park or in a parking lot!

By: Liam A.B.
The fabulous gnome hiding in the candy canes can be found at Full Circle in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA.