Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Kitsch Makes Me Think

This December I've gone a little mad with Christmas Kitsch. Those cheery plastic Santa faces and delicate blown glass ornaments make me feel so cozy and cheery I can't help but scoop them up when I find them! Sunset Swap Meet, at one of the last great American drive-in's, UVS Thrift Shop, a handful of garage sales and EOC thrift shop have been my best sources for good old Christmas kitsch. Fabulous holiday findings can be found easily (and for big bucks) on eBay, Target, or you can go out, dig around, and see what comes your way at a local thrift shop- often for a quarter! EOC is one of my favorite stops in the world. Well, Yosemite is also pretty darn great, but EOC is my source for a previously loved copy of The Lovely Bones (.50), funky sweaters to keep me cozy ($3), and even-on a lucky day- your oh-so-covetted boutique originally $200 pair of jeans ($15). Besides the absolute thrill-of-the-hunt, EOC Thrift saves me tons of casholla.
Nancy, the general manager, and her staff will remember your name, that your sister is "expecting" and that your 10 year old had the sniffles last week and, by the way, how is he doing? Every child walks out with a free book and, to top it off, something is always on sale for 25% off!
The community services EOC provides are another five pages altogether.
You can imagine my dismay, nay, near tears, reaction when I heard the shop was closing with an uncertain future as to where or when they may reopen. Many others had the same reaction and sent letters to the Tribune as well as EOC to protest this decision. They've been given one more month to stay open and hope to find a new shop location to rent after the new year. If you know of a place or know someone who knows someone, give Nancy a call at EOC Thrift Shop 545.0823. Stop by and poke around- the whole store is 50% off until Nancy says so!