Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lollipop Flower Valentine

In a burst of enthusiasm for the upcoming paper crafting extravaganza known as Valentines Day, I volunteered to make Valentines for the staff at Liam's elementary school (yes, the entire staff) on behalf of PTA. Loving paper, crafts and Valentines Day, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But handmaking that many without getting burned out? Lollipop Flower Valentines to the rescue. Here is an easy and quick craft that is perfectly cheery & not too smooshy sweet. They were fun to make down to the very last one.
I clipped an image of a similiar Valentine from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine, a stash I received thanks to Freecycle. Martha probably did it differently, but this is how I made mine:
Gather Supplies:
patterned or colored paper
glue stick
small lollipops
Xacto knife
cutting mat
1. Fold strips of paper lengthwise (about 1.5" wide when folded)
2. Draw four heart halves or just eyeball it like I do. Cut out.
You'll need four hearts per Valentine.
3. Dab heart corner with glue and layer four hearts to form flat flower.
4. Wait till dry. Cut tiny X in center with Xacto knife and push lollipop through center.
You can write your Valentines name on one petal. Or write things you love about them on each petal and attach a lable to the 'stem'.