Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Your Ratty Shoes Rad Again

now for new laces... stay tuned for a pic of these babies on!
Oh, my blog-reading friends, how I have missed you! I'm back with another craft and several more posts just waiting to be shared. Have you met Robin yet? Those are his shoes after one afternoon of boredom bustin'. He is my oldest son and a rather crafty guy. Follow along and you too can make your ratty shoes rad once again...

1. Gather Supplies

ratty shoes you still love
  • spray varnish (we used the heavy duty kind for sealing street markings but clear spray paint works, too)
  • acrylic craft paint
  • paint brushes, one will do the trick but more gives you more options

2. Craft!

  1. wash rubber part you plan to paint and dry completely

  2. paint a base color, let dry

  3. paint another coat if the sole is showing through (once worked fine here)

  4. make a medium size oblong dot, let dry
  5. add a small accent dot in a different color or outline the dot in black as shown
  6. 6. again, let dry

7. spray with clear, acrylic spray

8. rock and roll

Or...paint polka dots, skulls, one solid color, your initial, hello kitty, the lyrics to 99 Red Balloons, whatever comes to mind!