Thursday, December 21, 2006

Craigslist: Buy, Sell, Find for Free

I love Craigslist. Catch phrases on t-shirts aren't my thing but I would wear an 'I love CL' tee.
Free moving boxes from the "Free" category were given to me and then passed on again through CL. After combining households, some furniture was voted off of the island. My couch was one of them:

She found a new home and we found a new couch- all on Craigslist.

Betsey, my beach cruiser, was put on CL for about 24 hours before she found a new owner. Here's my good-bye portrait of Betsey with her new friend & owner.

Have an old filing cabinet in the garage or a bunny that needs a home? Put it on Craigslist!

Need a bunk bed or a 'new-to-you' dining room table? Find it on Craigslist. Looking for a snazzier office space, more interesting job or a ride-share? Now you know where to go.

It's free, easy, and local. 'Nuff said.