Saturday, January 27, 2007

Paint Chip Samples Bedazzle Me

As a part of O'Kane Construction, I spend a fair amount of time at the hardware store. The neat rows and rows of paint chip samples (those colorful little cards in the paint section) always catch my eye. Postcard size, long strips, short strips, tiny squares- some are even actual stickers! And with names like Sugar Plum, Bridesmaid, Appletini, and Snow Whites Song, who can resist? I can't! Here are a couple of quick and easy projects I've been working on. There are endless projects already out there. What will you do with your stash?
1. Let the title get you thinking. How many stories can you think while holding a gaudy pink card titled, 'Bridesmaid'? Or Appletini...or Shy Little Piglet...
Write it down, preferably on the back of the paint chip sample, and send it to a friend who would appreciate it.
2. Use the huge selection of colors for punches. Some come on a sticker paper and make perfect, well, stickers!
3. Hangtag or bookmark? It can be both! Write your gift-getters name down the front with your favorite Sharpie and tie to your wrapped present. Choose colors they like with titles that befit them or the occasion. Muttering to 'befit' a word? Punch a hole in top center, gather scraps of ribbon, poke loop through hole in card, pull ribbon ends through loop and tug tight.

3. Enlarge a favorite at the copy shop to make a poster. $1.98 on cardstock. I chose this particular sample because the color square on the bottom is titled, Sweet William. A little name I called my William when he was tiny. Sometimes I still do. Now I'm hunting for a "Robins Egg Blue".
4. Stitch on Shrinky Dink charms! Next week I will be posting Shrinky Dink tips and tricks with another project tutorial. Rubber stamps of a tiny bird, mod girl walkin', and Mary were used. The tiny girl is from a Dover Publication $1 book of Family Stencils.
5. I have one more project using paint chip samples I want to share with you. Come back February 1st to see the first of Seven Days of Valentines!
Papercandy for mod and retro style rubber stamps
Stamp Luis Obispo 1036 1/2 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo CA 93401 805/541.5198
for local artist stamps, papers, ribbons, scrabble tiles, and every supply you could think of
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Send me your paint chip sample projects at missamyo [at]