Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Weiner Dog Valentines

The season of Valentine Makin' is officially upon us! Here is the first of many little Valentine projects I hope to make and share in the next two weeks. I chose weiner* dogs for reasons I can't quite explain. You could use any shape, ofcourse. These craft up quick, once you decide on shapes and quotes. First off...
Gather Your Supplies:
see Resources at bottom of post
cardstock in colors and white for quote bubble
blank cards or postcards
googly eyes
sharp scissors
Yes! paste or glue stick
weiner dog shape from cookie cutter, childrens coloring book or freehand
Shrinky Dink charms would be sweet hanging from his collar. Shown is the Clear Sugar stamp set from Paper Candy. They shrink to perfect paper doggie collar charms!
1. Choose shapes, colors, and quote. Sometimes I have it all in my head and just make it. Other days I cover the entire kitchen table with paper bits, vintage childrens books, cookie cutters, fabric and everything else to come up with a plan of attack. Take time to plan it out before gluing!
2. Use a cookie cutter to trace the shape of your chosen little beast. Cut out. Cut out a strip of paper for the collar in a different color. Glue on googly eye. Assemble this all together with glue but don't glue to card just yet.
3. Hand draw a comic style speech bubble on white paper or draw lightly with pencil first, then cut out. Write something witty or sweet. Find quotes online or, even better, from a favorite book or take a saying your Valentine is fond of.
4. Hand print your quote in speech bubble.
5. Play with your pieces until you are happy with the layout. Finally- glue!
6. Inside, write "Three Things I Love About You:" Obviously followed by three things you really do love about your Valentine.
Now that you have a design you like, crank out dozens more with ease, changing the quote to suit the Valentine. Or...stay tuned for more Valentine ideas in the coming days.
Yes! Paste at the Paper Source
Paper Candy rubber stamps
*while we all remember the "i before e except after c" song, Weiner (Germanic root) and Wiener are both still correct.