Friday, December 29, 2006

Make Your Own Envelopes

Though I rarely actually read the articles, I love magazines. It's the ads and photos that I devour. Those slick, glossy pages of color get me ripping up my mags and clipping my favorite bits to be treasured and shared, pasted to bill envelopes or postcards mailings. Here's a simple project to make your own envelopes. You can make cards from cardstock or just fill your envelope with tiny paper bits- photos, a funny comic, the ticket stub from the last great movie you saw...
Gather Supplies:
1. Paper
I use magazines but fancy cardstock, wrapping paper, maps, scrapbooking paper, newsprint and more are all options.
2. Scissors
Dollar Tree has super sharp scissors that last forever and you won't cry when they get lost.
3. Glue stick
Elmer's classic glue stick is the best. It tends to not pucker the paper.
4. Envelope Template
Carefully open an envelope you like the shape of or download one of Ruth Anns.
5. Ball Point Pen
A stylus is best for fine papers and cardstock but you need a pen to see the line on magazines.
Trace your template onto magazine pages, after tearing from mag, and cut out.

Be sure you flip your cut-out envelope over before folding and gluing so your favorite side ends up on the outside.
Fold the side flaps A & B in first, using your nail to make a sharp fold.
Run glue stick on top of flaps A & B and fold large, bottom flap C up, pressing to seal to side flaps.
Fill with love notes. When you're ready to seal, fold the smaller remaining flap down and seal with glue, a sticker, or use a return address label. Use another white lable on the front to address. Have a question or have a suggestion on this tutorial? Email me. missamyo at