Thursday, December 21, 2006

Send a Postcard Today: PostcardX

Maggie called with plans for Christmas card craftin'. She called the right girl- head cold be darned- I'm always up for some mail art. Maggie brought tasty treats of croissant and coffee cake, I provided the coffee (cream, no sugar) and one large dining room table. We each had supplies galore to share. We each opened our present from each other early.
Letters, postcards, hang-tags, anything that will stand still long enough, will eventually be decorated by me, written on and mailed away. Sometimes to perfect strangers.
Growing up without family nearby didn't stop me from knowing them or feeling close because I was the excited recipient of fantastic letters from my Uncle Bill, Grandad and great-aunts. We may of seen each other only a couple of times a year but I knew and know them well through their penmanship (Auntie's beautiful swoops and curls, Aunt Iris' neat script, Bill's tiny, messy print, Grandad's yellow legal paper...), stories about their every day life, and feeling loved by the small effort of a hand written letter.
I love writing letters and thinking of someone opening their mail box to a bright red envelope amongst the small, white reminder notices. Or, even better, a handmade envelope from an old map found at the thrift shop. Hence my love for Postcardx. Simply put, postcardx is a listing of people who like to send and receive real mail. Send a postcard with no return address just for fun. Search by hobby to find a penpal. List yourself and see what pops up in your mailbox.